No matter what you chose to do while you are in the area, you can count on the fact we move at a different pace in Beatrice.† Take a deep breath,† slow down and take your time, we wouldnít want you to miss anything.† Buena Vista is one of our favorite spots to send visitors.† You can bring some friends or family for the weekend and shoot skeet, go on a hunting or fishing trip or just have a BBQ and relax.† The old Monroe County courthouse which hosts the To Kill a Mockingbird Play in the spring is a hit year after year.† Historic Rikardís Mill is a wonderful opportunity to hike and picnic.† We have many other places that you wonít want to miss, not to mention, the scenery is just beautiful.†




Map††††† ®†††††††††† Monroe Area Chamber of Commerce †††††®†††††††† The Monroe Journal†††† ®††††††† Pilgrimage on Parade

†† Rikardís Mill†† ®††††††††† Buena Vista††† ®†††††† Monroe County Heritage Museum†††††††† ® ††††Miss Minnie and Me †††®Finkleaís